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2018.11.08 03:33
So I came across this video of this woman from Nepal who was denied an English teaching job at a tutorial center in Hong Kong because the clientele preferred Caucasians who are native English speakers.

That’s royally* messed up.

As an American who speaks English at a native level, I would say this woman could actually pass for an American. That’s how good I think her English is.

Now I know there’re folks across the world who may be doubtful of the English skills of folks from South Asia or Southeast Asia (and even Asians from America), but I’ll say this: if folks from those areas speak English really well like the woman in the video, there’s a really good chance they have knowledge of the intricacies of the English language that native speakers might lack. That knowledge would be very helpful to those learning English as a second language.

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Also, this is a good example where racial preferences only serve to sustain institutional racism that favors one group of people over the other. Like seriously folks, it’s really messed up to think only Western folks are the crème de la crème* at whatever it is you’re looking for. We see that mentality enough in America, and I hope it’s not present in your country. Let’s try to fight that mentality shall we?

* royally: extremely (used informally)
* crème de la crème: the very best
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