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2018.11.10 10:01
Go rogue是什么意思?如何翻译?

Go rogue的中文意思是“不受控”,“行事反常”,“离群”,“叛逃”。常指之前表现中规中矩,突然变得离经叛道,一改常态,不受管控。需要注意这个动词短语里的关键词:rogue。Rogue有两种主要意思,(1)”An unprincipled, deceitful, and unreliable person; a scoundrel or rascal.”(无原则、欺骗性的、不可靠之人)。(2)an elephant or other large wild animal driven away or living apart from the herd and having savage or destructive tendencies:(一头离群的象,或其他野兽。它们被逐出兽群,或选择离群行动,常具破坏倾向。)Go在这里有“变得”之意。一个类似的表达,比如:An apple that has gone bad (变坏); The sex video goes viral (变得流行) on Youtube. 。另外,由于这个短语经常出现在现在完成时态中,所以你会常常听到:someone has gone rogue 的说法。

Answers.com对go rogue的英文解释为:To go “rogue” means to make a large deviation from one’s strict training. Go rogue意味着与某人的行为与之前接受的严格训练相比,反差极大。

在美国,一些秘密机构如:FBI、Secret Service,他们的特工都接受严格训练,并且都被要求严格遵守他们的职业规则。如果某个特工开始表现得违反这些规则,则他或者她就是gone rogue了。如果你是影迷,你应当知道,最有名的go rogue例子当属《谍影重重》(Bourne Identity)里的Jason Bourne了。当然,Nikita也是一个go rogue的典型,用她自己的话 来说:“I go rogue, Percy sicks Michael on me. You get his personal attention. ”(我叛逃了组织,Percy安排Michael盯住我。现在我已引起Percy的高度注意。)另外,Sarah Palin也写过一本书,名字就叫“Going rogue: An American Life”。此书的中文名被翻译为:单打独斗:佩林自传 。“单打独斗”取了rogue里的“离群”之意。

一个与go rogue意思比较接近的短语是:go haywire。

最后,看几个关于go rogue的使用举例:

Everyone who enters the dark zone starts out neutral. When your team meets another team and decides to attack them, your team has effectively gone rogue.

Mercedes self-driving car seems to have gone rogue in san francisco.

Some times planets just head off into the mysterious Universe all on their own, without a star to orbit. How and why do planets go rogue like this?

Michael (to Nikita): “I knew you’d gone rogue, didn’t know you’d gone delusional. “(Nikita )

定义 (expr.) break the rules; go against one’s training

举例 Our teacher has so many unfair rules, and we don’t even learn anything in his class. I think we should go rogue.
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