There are many different types of people. Some more, some less similar to us, some easier, some harder to understand. The more personalities you interact with, the easier it becomes to relate to those who are very dissimilar to us. At HelloTalk we celebrate everyone’s individual personality and different ways of learning. In this Super Users post we talk to those highlight the importance of being yourself.

This post is a part of our Super User series. In this collection of articles we talk to some of HelloTalk’s top followed users, explore what makes them stand out, and… what we can learn!

“My goal in using HelloTalk is to connect with as many people as I can around the globe and share the knowledge I have about my home country, America.”

Michael is a native English speaker and helps HelloTalk users with questions on how they can improve their English skills. He likes meeting new people and sharing his knowledge of the USA. He often posts Moments in both Chinese and English which helps Chinese followers, especially the beginner learners, understand the content better.
I tend to talk to at least one new person every day. Sometimes more, especially if I’ve posted something new on my Moments that day. I come from an Italian background where we love to eat. I take advantage of the Moments’ feed to show people the delicious food we eat here in the United States. I think Chinese are also big foodies and we enjoy this subject together on HelloTalk.”

Michael’s words of wisdom:

Be yourself. Post a profile picture of yourself, don’t pretend to be someone else, take pride in who you are.

“It’s also good to post unique stuff on your Moments. Do you enjoy cooking? Show it off to the rest of the world. Are you good at sports? Show us your accomplishments. Do you travel? Take us with you through your photos.”


“My goal in using HelloTalk is to improve my language skills, make friends and learn more about different cultures.”
Karla spends most of her time on HelloTalk talking to others and practicing to chat through language exchange. “The people I talk to want to know about me and my culture in general”, says Karla.

Karla’s words of wisdom:

Be friendly and be helpful. I consider these things to be the most important. I believe that in order to have followers and make connections you should just be yourself.

Time to bring out your self-confidence and pride! Share your hobbies in your Moments and people will reach out to you to know more. And, what better to chat about than the topics you’re passionate about?

Share your unique interests in Moments!