Korean has become one of the trendiest languages to learn thanks in part to the boom in Korean dramas, music, and culture. As language learners, we all dream of speaking a new language fluently. In this article, we’ll share some helpful tips to improve your spoken Korean to help you speak Korean with confidence.

How to Improve your spoken Korean

1. Describe what’s in front of you

Take a moment each day to practice describing what you see in front of you. The key is to use Korean and say it out loud. This is a fun way to stay consistent with your learning, and the best part is you’ll gain more insight into which Korean words and expressions you need to communicate effectively. Let’s look at a hypothetical example where you’re describing objects around the kitchen:

  • ‘My favourite cookbook is on the kitchen counter’
  • ‘The fridge is next to the stove’
  • ‘The cat is sleeping under the table’

Describing what you see in Korean will help you improve your vocabulary (how do you say window in Korean?) and learn how prepositions work in Korean (In Korean do you use the direct translation of ‘on the counter’?). Prepositions are words like ‘to’, ‘on’, ‘onto’, ‘into’, under, and are used to show direction, space, and time of a noun. Prepositions vary significantly between languages, so this exercise will help you master these key words in Korean.

2. Record and listen to yourself

This can be combined with the previous speaking aloud exercise. The benefit of recording yourself is you get to compare what you say to a native speaker. Especially if you focus on song lyrics or scripts from a Korean movie. By recording yourself, you can also monitor the progress you make over time. For example, if you find yourself struggling for motivation, listen to a recording you made a few months ago. Take pride in the progress you’ve made in your vocabulary and pronunciation, and let it fuel your future learning!

3. Bring Korean to your existing places

Get creative with where you can practice Korean. Change the language of any virtual assistance you may use. For example, change Siri’s language to Korean on your iPhone. “시리야, 지금 몇 시야?” (Hey Siri, what time is it). Get practice asking Siri questions. Change your TikTok account language to Korean so you can learn while you scroll through videos that interest you!

Improve your Korean Speaking Skills

4. Get a language partner

Having a language partner is arguably one of the best ways to improve your spoken Korean. Pairing up with a native speaker gives you direct feedback, and also lets you learn more about the culture, cuisine, and country. You also benefit from hearing how they speak and express themselves. Apps like HelloTalk also include features specifically designed for language exchange such as translations, real-time voice call captions, and text, audio, and video chat options.

5. Have fun with it

At the end of the day, languages are a way to connect with more people and learn more about other cultures. These new connections will undoubtedly bring you new opportunities, be it personal or professional, so don’t sweat making mistakes and have fun with the learning process 😊

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