One of the best ways to make yourself shine on HelloTalk is to talk about your personal experiences. These Super Users tell us about how being unique makes them stand out.

This post is a part of our Super User series. In this collection of articles we talk to some of HelloTalk’s top followed users, explore what makes them stand out, and… what we can learn!

“My goal in using HelloTalk is to help English learners communicate naturally and confidently. I want to provide a bridge for people between their traditional language and integrating themselves into the world of speaking English!”

Momoko initially joined HelloTalk to improve her Japanese and Korean. Nowadays, her focus is on helping other people with English. She writes lessons, makes quizzes, and records voice clips to help others with pronunciation. Momoko says, “I’ve never studied to be an English teacher. I just give my insights and tips as a native speaker living in England. I do this because I genuinely want to help people and because I enjoy it.”

Momoko’s Words of Wisdom

Find your niche! What is it that makes you unique, what is it that only YOU can offer in your own special way that will help someone else? Find it and run with it! Authenticity is magnetic.

She continues: “Max out the HelloTalk features — post pictures, add voice clips, etc.! Make your posts stand out and people are more likely to check out your profile page. Focus on having fun and enjoy simply interacting on the app. If you have five followers, they’re likely to be five people who are interested in what you are doing. They want to learn from you specifically, or help you learn — that’s awesome!”

“My goal in using HelloTalk is to help others who want to learn a new language. I know how difficult it can be, so I want to share my knowledge and experience with the HelloTalk community.”
Hannah loves helping others and spends most of her time replying to messages — she gets over 50 messages a day! Hannah also has an English language group and posts Moments about her daily life.
Hannah’s Words of Wisdom:
Be authentic. Post about your life and show the kind of person you are. You are interesting and unique — people will be drawn to your originality.
Hannah is right! We are used to ourselves, after all, we spend time with ourselves every day! But remember, what you might find boring or common place, can be a whole new world to others!

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