screenshot of different HelloTalk VIP Perks
HelloTalk is where you can connect with the world through language, culture, and community. Today, we’re excited to introduce new ways to connect with the language you’re learning on HelloTalk.

Say hello to VIP exclusive perks 👑

Whether you’re exploring new ways to connect with Korean culture, or looking to find the latest French series to binge-watch, Partner Perks brings you closer to the culture and language that you’re learning on HelloTalk.

We recently launched Partner Perks to bring exclusive discounts on studying abroad, special offers on local products, and free access to premium apps to all our VIP members. Partner Perks are an expansion of the community you’ve already built in HelloTalk, and with a little help from our friends and partners, give you a dose of culture both in and out of the app.

Making the switch from Member’s Day to monthly VIP Perks 🗓️

Existing VIP members may remember our Member’s Day which featured limited-time HelloTalk Perks such as free sticker packs, access to HelloTalk learning content, and exclusive HT Lives. To simplify things, we’re changing these HelloTalk Perks from daily to monthly. This way both Partner Perks and HelloTalk Perks operate on the same timeline and can be found in the same place in the app, the VIP Perks page. By design, you will only see Partner Perks that are related to your learning languages 😊

More Perks are in store 🔜

We’re just getting started with Partner Perks. So stay tuned for updates on new partners, and in the meantime let us know who you’d like us to partner with in the future! Check out this month’s Partner Perks in the app.

Happy HelloTalking 🌎