Sometimes HelloTalk can feel like the first day of school. Here too we encourage newcomers to be friendly towards each other. It can be scary to meet new people, especially when there are over 12 million of them! The Super Users in this post talk about being respectful and helpful in HelloTalk.

This post is a part of our Super User series. In this collection of articles we talk to some of HelloTalk’s top followed users, explore what makes them stand out, and… what we can learn!

“My goal using HelloTalk is to get to know Korean and Japanese people and learn their languages.״
Kaylie is a regular user on HelloTalk. She frequently posts on her Moments and spends time answering messages. ״I’m always available for a chat״, says Kaylie.

Kaylie’s Words of Wisdom

Follow people who could use your help and be friendly. ?

“My goal in using HelloTalk is to improve my Portuguese and share my knowledge of English.”
Anthonia is a native English speaker who still works on her language skills, she needs an advanced command of specific jargon as she is a lawyer. “I upload interesting and engaging things to my Moments”, says Anthonia. “I’m friendly and other users can feel my passion and genuine interest in learning and teaching.”

Anthonia’s Words of Wisdom

Try to be helpful: The best way to learn is to teach! Create interesting content that people can relate to.

“My goal in using HelloTalk is to make friends from around the world. I help others with English practice and I like getting insight into other languages.”
Dominic describes himself as coming from the “crazy land of Australia”. He uses HelloTalk regularly, enjoys meeting new people and helping others learn English.

Dominic’s Words of Wisdom

Be nice and respectful. Aim to build friendships.

“If you’re new, Moments are a good way to increase your exposure and showcase your personality. Be patient and keep persistent; many people may not answer your messages immediately, but you’ll find someone to chat to sooner or later!”

Building up a reputation of a helpful teacher, or an engaged language exchange partner takes time and effort. But, we think you’ve got what it takes! Why not start now?

Make new friendships HelloTalk!