There’s an exciting new feature that bridges the gap between content, interaction, and language learning. They say it’s the age of the creator, and since the term ‘content is king’ was first coined, the direction of the internet and mobile has evolved more and more towards creating, sharing, and managing valuable content.

Language learning is certainly no exception, and today’s language learners and culture enthusiasts want to learn with people they like, through content they love, and at their own pace. HelloTalk Live is the next generation of content-driven language learning. It’s the new livestreaming service from HelloTalk, the world’s largest language exchange platform!

HelloTalk Live enables creators and teachers alike to share their passions through their work, growing their following of language and culture enthusiasts throughout HelloTalk’s huge community. Learners benefit from content curated to their interests, whilst interacting with native speakers within a fun, friendly environment.

Virtual events for content creators and language teachers

HelloTalk Live provides everything creators need to tailor, target, broadcast, and monetize their content, and it appeals to two main categories of broadcasters: Firstly, content creators who are able to promote their content to targeted audiences of language learners and culture enthusiasts. Secondly, language teachers who can create live events to engage language learners through tailored content, whilst connecting them with native speakers, creating an immersive learning environment. Audiences consist of language learners and culture enthusiasts who attend the HelloTalk Live events based on their learning styles and goals, language level, and general interests.

HelloTalk Live provides plug-and-play tools for creators to, not only schedule, promote and host, but also monetize creative work through their virtual events. Broadcasting to a targeted audience of language and culture enthusiasts, it provides a marketplace for content creators to exchange their HelloTalk Live broadcasts for viewer traffic and monetization in the form of in-platform gifts.

HelloTalk Live enables audiences to learn and practice languages in a casual, fun setting, for free. Learners are provided with free access to real-time language and cultural events. They can interact with native speakers and talk, listen, and learn directly from teachers and creators in the HelloTalk community, with content curated especially to their interests.

New tools for the HelloTalk community

Established over ten years ago with the aim of connecting people through language, culture, and a sense of community, HelloTalk is home to over 30 million language and culture enthusiasts from around the globe. The app helps HelloTalkers on every step of their language-learning journey by providing features for conversation practice, smart language tools, and instruction through self-paced learning and instructor-led classes.

Direct voice and text messages, voice and video chats, the sharing of Moments posts, and translation and transliteration functions enhance the learning process. HelloTalk Live expands the HelloTalk offering, connecting content, learning, and interaction with monetization.

HelloTalk Live: Where content is king and language learning comes naturally

For language learners and culture enthusiasts wanting access to the content you adore and native speakers you’d love to interact with, keep your eyes and ears open for new HelloTalk Live events. Follow this link to explore live language and cultural events.

If you’re a language teacher or content creator and want access to a targetted audience of language learners and culture enthusiasts, then HelloTalk Live will enable you to create, earn, and connect with a global community of language and culture enthusiasts. Jump on the app and give HelloTalk Live a try here.