HelloTalk is by far the biggest language exchange platform in the world, with circa 30 million+ users and rising. It’s an app packed full of features, from text and voice messaging to voice and video calling. Posting Moments allows language learners to share whatever interests them, and other members can help by correcting mistakes. But it’s HelloTalk’s powerful language tools, which are akin to a translator on steroids, that new users find so helpful. Here’s why…

Text Messages

Receive a text message (IM) in either your native or your target learning language, and you can then use several extremely helpful features. Tap and hold over the message to select the following:
  • ‘Speak’ will dictate the message aloud.
  • ‘Translate’ gives you a choice of languages to convert the message into, showing the translation beneath the original
  • ‘Transliteration’ spells out the characters. In the case of Chinese, for example, each character features the corresponding Pinyin, thus dramatically deciphering your second language.
  • ‘Correction’ will enable you to provide your language partner with an example of how you believe they should have written their message to you.

Voice Messages

Receive a voice message in your second language and you have the following features at the tips of your fingers: Transcription converts the voice message into text using the language of your choice; be it your mother tongue or your second language. Click ‘more’ for top language choices You then have access to all of the features of text messages, as listed above!

Member Profiles

Suppose that you browse profiles where members have used purely their own language. Not a problem:
  • Tap and hold over the “Self-introduction” and you can see the meaning of individual phrases and characters. Tap the speaker icon to hear them spoken
  • Tap and hold over “My Hometown”, “My Education”, “My Occupation”, “Interests & Hobbies”, and “Places I want to go” to see the direct translations, arming you with all the information you need to strike up that all-important initial conversation!


Translate any Moment post you wish, just like with text and voice messages. You can also use transliteration and correction functions. An AI Grammar function also checks English grammar. So, where other apps might translate, HelloTalk digs far deeper, helping you to analyze, scrutinize, dissect, and thoroughly translate in every way possible.  Giving you the help you need to make real progress in your second language, get HelloTalk, and start translating NOW! Click here to download HelloTalk!