HelloTalk provides its millions of members with an array of helpful language-learning features. When they’ve utilized the app’s search features to find real native speakers, they can then exchange text and voice messages, voice and video calls, as well as posting HelloTalk Moment to share and discuss almost anything. But for serious language learners, HelloTalk’s Language Exchange feature takes collaborative language learning to the next level. Simply click on the ‘plus’ icon in the bottom-left of HelloTalk’s IM console, and one of the many features you’ll see includes ‘Language Exchange’. HelloTalk Language Exchanges are short, structured voice calls whereby each partner practices their target language for an equal amount of time. Language Exchanges can be activated instantly, or scheduled in advance. Users confirm their own and target languages, set the desired length of the exchange, the date and time, and can even pre-plan topics of conversation. Once the organizer is satisfied with the schedule, they hit the ‘Send Invitation’ button to forward to their language partner. The Language Exchange session is split equally between partners who both benefit from using their target language with a genuine native speaker. So how is a Language Exchange best utilized? It’s certainly recommended to give some advance thought to topics. That way, it’s far more likely that you’ll be learning and reinforcing relevant vocabulary, thus, further cementing the new words you’ve acquired through the feedback feature following the exchange: At the end of the Language Exchange session, both members can further help their language partners by leaving constructive feedback in the form of notes relating to language points from the conversations. The notes are then shared to the chatbox and can be referred to at any point in the future. Language Exchange can be used as often as desired, be it weekly, or even daily. So to take the next move towards fluency in your target language, look for the ‘+’ symbol at the bottom left of a chat window and schedule your first Language Exchange now! Click here to download HelloTalk!