Previously, we learned how to find Japanese language partners on HelloTalk and how it can help you on your journey to learning Japanese. Language exchanges don’t stop at 1-on-1 conversation practice. Voiceroom, one of HelloTalk’s newest features, lets you join and host interactive discussions to connect with native Japanese speakers, and create a fun and supportive community with your fellow Japanese learners. In this article, we’ll give you a run down of Voiceroom and a few tips to help you quickly improve your spoken Japanese.

How to use HelloTalk Voiceroom?

Joining or hosting a Voiceroom is a simple, fun, and interactive way to practice your Japanese with fellow learners and native speakers. Let’s breakdown how to join a Voiceroom and introduce a few things you can do in a Voiceroom.

1. Joining a Voiceroom

Open the HelloTalk app and tap the Live tab. Select Voice to view all active Voicerooms. You can also filter by language to better find events that interest you.

Use HelloTalk Voiceroom to Practice Speaking Japanese

2. Voiceroom Features

Voicerooms let you tune in and participate in Japanese discussions. Here are some of the helpful Voiceroom tools to get you conversing in Japanese:

Use HelloTalk Voiceroom to Practice Speaking Japanese

3. Hosting a Voiceroom

You can also host your own Voicerooms. Start your own community to discuss interesting topics, practice Japanese, and connect with HelloTalkers from all around the world. Simply pick a title and detail a few notes to help members understand what you’ll be talking about in your Voiceroom and create the event.

Use HelloTalk Voiceroom to Practice Speaking Japanese

Is it free to use Voiceroom?

HelloTalk is on a mission to connect the world through language, culture, and community. That’s why we decided to make Voiceroom free to join. Members can download the app and start practicing with native Japanese speakers for free through interactive Voiceroom discussions.

Tips to improve your Japanese speaking with Voiceroom

1. Use the comments section

Voicerooms come with a comments section. This is a great place to join the discussion if you’re feeling too shy to jump on stage and start talking with the group. The comments section shows up for all members in the Voiceroom, so it’s also a great place to ask questions or ask someone to explain something you don’t understand 😊

2. Don’t be afraid to go on stage

Going on stage for the first time can be a little nerveracking. Voicerooms are a place to practice and learn together, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes. HelloTalk’s helpful and encouraging learning community will help you improve your Japanese speaking.

3. Make learning a habit

Challenge yourself to make a habit of your learning. Try and attend a Voiceroom for 20 minutes each day to train your ear to better understand Japanese. Next, challenge yourself to go on stage once this week. Setting tangible goals will help you stay consistent and also give you a sense of achievement. Both are key ingredients to learn to speak Japanese fluently.

4. Find language partners

Voiceroom is a great way to find language partners for 1-on-1 language exchange. You can view people’s profiles in the Voiceroom and also see if you may enjoy talking with them based on your experience interacting with them in the Voiceroom event.

How to Use HelloTalk Voiceroom to Practice Speaking Japanese

Join HelloTalk – Find Japanese Speaking Partners

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