With 30 million-plus users and rising, the HelloTalk community is home to some inspirational members who use the world’s biggest language exchange to develop new language skills and form global friendships. Katana Girl Miki is no exception, and she’s one of many HelloTalkers who submitted a short video as part of our HelloTalker Stories series: videos that present the exciting and entertaining things that have happened between members and their language partners.

Katana Girl Miki detailed some fantastic events and relationships that came about through her use of HelloTalk. Hailing from Hyogo, Japan, Katana Girl Miki organizes HelloTalk’s Osaka meet-ups.  She’s a 5-year member and, as well as using HelloTalk to learn English, she’s also using it to learn Spanish and French.

Her first Moment post on HelloTalk was way back in 2017 and her posts cover events and topics about her niece, her wedding, kickboxing, and her two round-the-world solo motorbike journeys. Although she traveled alone, she explains that she never felt completely isolated, thanks to HelloTalk. She also said that, although it might currently be difficult to travel, you can still go virtually anywhere on HelloTalk, and immediately connect with like-minded people. Through HelloTalk she made friends regardless of age, gender, and nationality.


It was also through HelloTalk that Katana Girl Miki met Yuki and Dan, at the HelloTalk meet-up in Osaka, and they continue to meet every month! Her adventures also saw her travel to Kyoto with Yuki and Emily and she then met tourists from Brazil in a coffee shop through the app. They quickly became friends, thanks to the fact they all study English using HelloTalk. You can watch Katana Girl Miki’s HelloTalker Story on YouTube here.

No matter where you are in the world, HelloTalk enables you to search for language partners by language, proficiency level, and even age, gender, and location. Exchange messages and enjoy voice and video calls. You can also correct other users’ Moments and benefit hugely from them correcting yours. All of these superb features will undoubtedly see your language learning elevate to new heights.


So if you think Katana Girl Miki’s HelloTalker Story could be you, then why not download HelloTalk and start making friends from across the world today?

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