With millions of avid language learners, HelloTalk is the world’s largest language exchange platform. HelloTalk enables users to find real native speakers across the globe, connect and forge friendships with them, thus helping each other to develop their second languages. Mr. Hwang from Korea is just one of this growing number of HelloTalkers, and he was also a contributor to HelloTalk’s recent ‘HelloTalker Stories’: short videos submitted by users showcasing the memorable, entertaining, and even humorous events shared between them and their language partners.

Moments posts enable HelloTalkers to share almost any aspect of their life, from their hometown, country, and culture, to their hobbies and interests. Other users can like, comment on, and even help to correct language points in every HelloTalk Moments post. Therefore, Moments are a superb tool for mastering a target language.

Mr. Hwang has been using HelloTalk for over two years, and in that relatively short time, he’s shared an impressive 900+ Moments posts. His subjects span cycling, travel, as well as his passion for photography. He is happiest when sharing aspects of Korea and its stunning scenery with his HelloTalk friends. As is the case with many serious HelloTalkers, Mr. Hwang has gone on to meet a number of his HelloTalk friends in person, both abroad and on their trips to Korea.
Moments posts allow members to, not only share their own lives but to find out about those of others. Learn about their language-learning journey, their hobbies, and interests, as well as their captivating and diverse cultures. Moments posts can be searched by topics, to learn, users who are nearby, users you follow, as well as by native and learning languages.

You can watch Mr. Hwang’s video here! If you think that making native-speaking friends will help you too, then download HelloTalk now! Communicate through text and voice messages, voice and video calls, and use HelloTalk’s Moments posts to discover exciting cultures, as well as learn your target language.

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