Learning another language certainly requires motivation and commitment. As is the case in achieving most goals, the adage “commencement is half the achievement” rings very true with language learning. However, we don’t continually experience that reward of making progress in our target language, and when learning anything, a strong sense of achievement can come in peaks and troughs. It’s because of this that we need clear points of reference for our language learning and accomplishments, and HelloTalk addresses this requirement in the form of its Learning Statistics feature.

Bringing millions of language learners together, HelloTalk is a leading language and culture exchange app. Enabling HelloTalkers to practice their target languages with genuine native speakers, an array of features helps them to develop their abilities. Text and voice messages, voice and video chats, Moments posts, and even Language Exchanges all allow for conversation, translation, and peer-correction of learners’ target languages. But now and then we all need to reflect on our achievements, examine our progress, and understand exactly where we’re heading on our language learning journeys.

So, look towards the bottom-right of HelloTalk’s intuitive-to-use user interface, and you’ll see ‘Me’ below a ‘human’ icon. Tap it, and at the top of the screen, you’ll see Learning Statistics. Your total HelloTalker points, derived from all of your language learning actions, sit proudly at the top. At the bottom of the Learning Statistics row, you’ll be reminded of how many days ago you joined HelloTalk, along with how many days you’ve recently studied in a row.

HelloTalk’s Learning Statistics: Fueling Language-Learning PerseveranceTap anywhere in the Learning Statistics area and a pop-up provides more detail about your language learning progress and achievements. “Translations Used” takes the lead, reminding you how many times you’ve used HelloTalk’s powerful translation features to decipher your target language. “Corrections Submitted” notes how many times you’ve helped your fellow HelloTalkers by correcting their messages and Moments posts. Looking further right, the “Language Exchange Sessions” icon helps you to recall the number of times you’ve utilized one of HelloTalk’s equally-partitioned Language Exchanges. Moving on, “Favorites Added” details the number of Moments posts you saved for later viewing. “Transcriptions Used” shows you the number of times you’ve converted audio messages into text. Then finally, “Pronunciations Used” reminds you how many times you’ve utilized HelloTalk’s dictation feature that provides you with an accurate pronunciation of any word you highlight.

So the best way to learn a language, without a doubt, involves tracking and regularly reviewing your progress. Visualizing and reflecting on your language-learning progress and achievements will help to maintain your focus and strengthen your perseverance. So how far have you advanced in your language learning on HelloTalk? Check out your Learning Statistics today and keep on moving forward in your target language learning!

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