Creators are the heartbeat of the HelloTalk community. These amazing community members connect people from different cultures and backgrounds, and make HelloTalk the fun, encouraging, and educational place language learners know and love. While HelloTalk gives creators the platform to share their talents and connect with a global community of language and culture lovers.

hellotalk creator portal

Creating on HelloTalk can be as simple as a few clicks, but succeeding as a creator on HelloTalk takes time, commitment, and strategic planning. We launched the HelloTalk Creator Portal, an online guide to help you navigate the community and thrive as a creator on HelloTalk. The Creator Portal covers everything from your first day on HelloTalk, to how to host your first HT Live, and how to engage and grow a global following on HelloTalk.

Launching this week, the Creator Portal contains six main categories to help you thrive as a creator on HelloTalk:

  • Getting Started
  • Live Essentials
  • Voiceroom Basics
  • Engagement Tips
  • Content & Safety
  • Getting Paid to Create
HelloTalk Creator Portal

These categories provide a roadmap to thriving as a creator on HelloTalk and answer many common questions asked by new creators on the platform. Check out the HelloTalk Creator Portal for feature walkthroughs, tips, and in-depth guides on how to succeed as a creator on HelloTalk. We’re excited to see what you’ll create!

See you around in the community 🌎