Travelling the world and learning languages sounds like a dream to many of us. These Super Users find that posting about their travels on HelloTalk helps them connect with even more learners.

This post is a part of our Super User series. In this collection of articles we talk to some of HelloTalk’s top followed users, explore what makes them stand out, and… what we can learn!


“My goal in HelloTalk is to meet people from all over the world and have great conversations through language exchange.”

Mae spends most of her time in HelloTalk chatting with others, learning languages from Moments, and posting on her own Moments’ feed. She often posts pictures from her business trips that take her to distant corners of the world. She believes people follow her because they enjoy reading about her travels.

Mae’s Words of Wisdom:

I would recommend to regularly post about interesting topics in your Moments. Also, be interested in learning more than one language — this will give you the opportunity to practise with even more users!


“My goal in using HelloTalk is to become conversational in Chinese and to maintain my Spanish. I also use the app to make friends with people from different cultures.”
Using HelloTalk, Mark often makes friends with Chinese speakers. He enjoys learning about the Chinese language and culture, and about the Asian pop culture in particular. Mark says, “I love to connect with people and learn about their unique life experiences. I recommend posting regular content on your Moments. It doesn’t have to be everyday, but people will start recognising you if you post regularly.” 

Marks Words of Wisdom

When you post images include descriptions or questions. For example, if you post a photo of your travels, you could ask users what their favourite travel destination is.

Whether you travel far, or closer to home a change in environment can be inspiring both to you and to others. What is it that made you ponder during your latest trip? Post an image and ask your followers to comment sharing their experiences.

Inspire others with your travels in HelloTalk!