There are many of you. You come from over 100 countries and are learning over 100 languages. What motivates you to learn? What prompts you to share? What drives you to connect?

These are the questions we ask ourselves everyday at HelloTalk. Every now and again we make moves to explore these mysteries. A while ago we reached out to some of the most active HelloTalkers—people who had thousands of followers. We were curious to learn who they are, and what lessons they can teach others.

? Here are the HelloTalkers who replied. ?

Can you find yourself in this picture? ?

HelloTalk Users Collage

It turned out there are some common themes in their experiences. We summarised them below in a series of posts to inspire you, HelloTalkers old and new, and to show you that whatever your goals, you’re not alone! The community is there to welcome you and support you!

Find your tribe below.


Time to introduce a drop of “hippieness” to your HelloTalk life. ? Use your humour and positivity to make better connections.

Perfect Strangers

Ditch your old friends? No, that’s not what we’re saying! ? But, HelloTalk is about making new connections.

It can be hard, but we have ways to make this process a little easier.


There are literally millions of learners on HelloTalk, yet it might sometimes seem it’s hard to find a partner in this sea of people…

Learn to make your profile stand out so that people reach out to you!


You downloaded HelloTalk to practice a foreign language? That’s awesome! Don’t forget, you can spend your HelloTalk leisure time exploring the culture of languages you are not (yet) studying. Here are some people who do just that.


Reaching out to new people isn’t always easy…We know, that’s why we created HelloTalk! ? Here are some strategies to help you make new connections, whether you’re new to the app, or want to add to your existing roster of friends.


Hands up who is a foodie here! Posts of delicious dishes from around the world flood our Moments’ feed daily! This is for those who absorb languages along with lunch!


Your Moments are a widow to your HelloTalk soul! Ok, maybe it’s a little less dramatic, but your posts are what draw people to your profile. Want to get more followers? Make your Moments shine!

Learners & Teachers

Language learners make the bulk of HelloTalk users. With so much to do in the app, chatting, posting, how do you make sure you progress with your learning goals? Explore what these Super Users have to say.


HelloTalk is a chat app, we know, but how can you learn to speak a foreign language without actually making a sound? Step out and use voice messages like these learners.


Whether a veteran or a newbie, you might sometimes feel a little lost among the millions of HelloTalk learners. ? Check out how to find your place while maintaining your uniqueness.

That’s a lot of advice to absorb! There is also plenty of time to put it into practice on HelloTalk.

Ready to roll? Try one thing you learned from the posts above in the app.