Best Way To Learn KoreanThanks to its fun and accessible format, HelloTalk attracts millions of language learners and culture enthusiasts, bringing people from across the world together. Each month we examine the language learning journey of one of these HelloTalkers to gain a greater understanding of why HelloTalk has become the world’s largest language exchange community.

Best way to learn Spanish

When her favorite English teachers left the website she was utilizing to learn English, a Chinese language learner discovered HelloTalk, and in no time, her listening skills began to improve! Before discovering HelloTalk, talk_victo962, also known as Victoria, had attended circa 180 online English classes and was happy with her progress. With the demise of her online lessons, she desperately wanted to continue progressing her English language learning. It was at that point she discovered HelloTalk.

“Following teachers’ contracts expiring and other teachers leaving the website I was using, I started to use HelloTalk. Straight away, HelloTalkers generously helped by correcting my grammar and pronunciation with voice messages, and I also improved my listening skills”, explained Victoria.

Best way to learn ChineseHelloTalk enables language learners to exchange, translate, and correct text and voice messages. HelloTalkers can also share their language and experiences in both their native and target languages through Moments posts. One of HelloTalk’s many language-learning features is its Language Exchange. HelloTalkers can schedule then engage in equally-partitioned voice chats. The timed exchanges allow HelloTalkers to, not only speak with their language partners, but also make notes on their conversation, detailing language points, highlighting corrections, and offering suggestions. At the end of each exchange a summary of the exchange, together with the notes, is shared to both partners’ chat windows for future reference. On HelloTalk’s Language Exchange feature, Victoria detailed her own experiences: “During my first language exchange… I found my skills improved a lot because friends mentioned I spoke very quickly, and the exchange confirmed that I was able to understand what he (language partner) was saying. I’m very happy”. Victoria went on to explain how she has a desire to learn. The company she works for will soon be attending an exhibition, and she will benefit greatly from communicating more effectively with some of the foreign attendees.

Best way to learn English

If you’re finding it a challenge to find native speakers to practice your target language with, or if you’re finding online lessons and content-based apps are not providing the language support you need, it’s time to take a look at HelloTalk. HelloTalk can personalize your learning journey with an all-in-one learning experience. In other words, you can find the language and cultural content you love, source a private tutor, join a Live Chat with native speakers, and utilize intuitive tools, like translation features, to develop your language skills. Available for both Android and Apple devices, download HelloTalk now!