Previously, we introduced how to use Voiceroom to improve your conversational Japanese. Now more generally, we’ll share what are the top 9 benefits of chatting in Voicerooms and how they can help you achieve your language goals.

1. Learn how native speakers talk

One of the best parts about Voiceroom is you get to connect with native speakers. Hearing how native speakers talk: the intonations, the expressions, and their word choice are a great way to hear and practice how to speak the language authentically.

2. Gain insight into the culture

Language and culture are intimately connected. Voiceroom brings the two together, letting you practice your spoken language while also interacting with people from different regions. Joining a Voiceroom gives you a window into someone else’s world all from the comfort of home.

3. Entertain different points of view

Voicerooms bring people from all over the world to share their ideas, values, and explore the similarities and differences between countries. Naturally, you’ll expand your world perspective by discussing different topics with a global community.

4. Express yourself

Voicerooms are a platform for you to connect with a global community of 35 million language learners and teachers. Share what excites you, let your curiosity ask questions, and discover all that the world has to offer.

5. Relaxed learning environment

We’ve probably all felt stressed or anxious when learning a new language and had the experience of ‘blanking out’, when we just can’t remember the words we just learned. Voicerooms are casual, supportive learning spaces for you to practice your way without the worry of making mistakes.

6. Free learning

Voicerooms are free to join. As part of HelloTalk’s mission to connect the world through language, culture, and community, we’ve made these interactive audio events accessible to everyone. The added benefit is you’ll create a global network of friends who share your passion for learning languages.

7. Get motivated by other language learners

Voicerooms bring both language learners and native speakers together. Knowing you ‘re not alone in your language journey can help you stay motivated and achieve your goals. It is not uncommon for Voiceroom members to create a group chat to stay in touch and keep each other motivated.

8. Keep it fun

Fun is central to the Voiceroom experience. In addition to the discussion, you can send gifts, customize your chat bubbles, and jump on and off stage.

9. Built-in language tools to help you learn faster

Voicerooms include comments and instant translations. This means you can stay tuned to the discussion and don’t have to leave the app to search for the meaning of new words. You can also ask questions in the comments to clarify your understanding or anything you may have missed.

9 Benefits of Voiceroom Chats on HelloTalk

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