Are you interested in learning Chinese and want to impress your Chinese friends by wishing them a happy birthday in their native language? Look no further, as we have gathered 8 ways for you to say “happy birthday” in Chinese.

1. 生日快乐 (Shēngrì kuàilè)

This is the most common and standard way to say happy birthday in Chinese. It literally translates to “Birthday Happy.”

2. 祝你生日快乐 (Zhù nǐ shēngrì kuàilè)

This phrase means “I wish you a happy birthday” and is perfect for a more formal setting.

3. 祝你所有的生日都充满喜悦 (zhù nǐ suǒ yǒu de shēng rì dōu chōng mǎn xǐ yuè)

This is a longer phrase that means “Wishing all your birthdays are full of joy.” It’s a great way to express your best wishes to someone.

4. 祝你心想事成,万事如意 (zhù nǐ xīn xiǎng shì chéng, wàn shì rú yì)

This phrase means “Wishing you success and happiness in everything you do.” It’s a nice way to wish someone a happy birthday and good luck in the future.

5. 恭喜你又长了一岁 (gōng xǐ nǐ yòu zhǎng le yī suì)

This phrase means “Congratulations on adding another year to your age.” It’s a playful way to wish someone a happy birthday.

6. 祝你青春永驻,岁月悠长 (zhù nǐ qīng chūn yǒng zhù, suì yuè yōu cháng)

This phrase means “Wishing you eternal youth and a long life.” It’s a way to express your hope that the person will live a long and happy life.

7. 祝你开心每一天 (zhù nǐ kāi xīn měi yī tiān)

This phrase means “Wishing you happiness every day.” While it doesn’t specifically mention birthdays, it’s still a nice way to wish someone a happy day.

8. 愿你平安喜乐每一天 (Yuàn nǐ píng’ān xǐ lè měi yī tiān)

This phrase means “May you have peace and happiness every day” and is an excellent way to show your best wishes and blessings.

Now that you have learned 8 ways to say happy birthday in Chinese, you can impress your Chinese friends and colleagues with your language skills. If you want to learn more about Chinese language and culture, be sure to check out HelloTalk for language exchange and cultural learning opportunities.

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