The rising popularity of Korean dramas, K-pop, and Korean cuisine often referred to as the Korean Wave has led to a spike in Korean learners across the world. HelloTalk is certainly no exception with Korean being the third most popular language among our 35 million member community. In this article, the HelloTalk team shares 8 helpful phrases to get your Korean language exchanges started on the right path!

Why are conversation starters important?

Every language exchange starts as an exchange between two strangers. So it is important to break the ice and connect with your language partner as soon as possible. Conversation starters are helpful phrases or topics that can help you and your partner jump into interesting discussions and improve your language proficiency. Remember, it is OK to get creative and try something different. Just like in real life, not every communication has to start with “Hi, how are you?” 😊

8 Korean phrases to get your language exchange started

Here are eight common Korean phrases to start your language exchange. A pro tip, the HelloTalk app includes a built-in translator. You can type in a question you want to ask your Korean language partner and it will automatically send them a translated message in Korean. This is a great way to learn new words and practice reading the Hangul script.

1. 몇 살이세요? (Myeot sariseyo?) — How old are you?

2. 무슨 뜻이에요? (Museun tteusieyo?) — What does this mean?

3. 이름이 뭐예요? (Ireumi mwoyeyo?) — What’s your name?

4. 어디 출신이세요? (Eodi chulsiniseyo?) — Where are you from?

5. 어디에서 일해요? (Eodieseo ilhaeyo?) — Where do you work?

6. 어떤 음악을 좋아해요? (Eotteon eumag eul johahaeyo?) — What music do you like?

7. 시간 있을 때 뭐 하세요? (Sigan isseul ttae mwo haseyo?) — What do you do when you have free time?

8. 어떻게 지내세요? (Eotteoke jinaeseyo?) — How are you?

Get the most out of your Korean Language Exchange with HelloTalk

HelloTalk is the world’s #1 language exchange app and home to a global community of language learners and culture lovers. As the third most popular language on the platform, HelloTalk is a great place to connect with native speakers, practice Korean, and try out these new phrases. Search for language partners and practice with native Korean speakers for free through text, voice, or video. Download the free app today at!