Are you trying to master American slang? Are you tired of feeling confused when you hear native speakers throwing around phrases that you’ve never heard before? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with these 26 must-know American slang words and phrases.

1. Lit

– This means something is exciting or fun. For example, “That party last night was so lit!”

2. Bae

– An affectionate term for your significant other. Short for “before anyone else.”

3. Dude

– A common way to address someone, especially a male. Can also be used to express surprise, as in “Dude, that’s crazy!”

4. Hangry

– A combination of hungry and angry. Used to describe someone who is irritable because they are hungry.

5. Totes

– Short for totally.

6. Guac

– A slang term for guacamole, a popular Mexican dip made from avocado.


– Fear of missing out. Used to describe the anxiety people feel when they’re not included in something.

8. Salty

– Angry or upset about something. For example, “He got so salty when I beat him at the game.”

9. Hella

– An emphasis word similar to “very” or “extremely.” Commonly used in Northern California.

10. Janky

– Low quality or poorly made. For example, “I bought this janky phone case and it broke within a week.”

11. Y’all

– Short for “you all.” A common way to refer to a group of people in the Southern United States.

12. Cray

– Short for crazy. Used to describe something that is wild or insane.

13. Lame

– Boring or uncool. For example, “That movie was so lame.”

14. Sick

– Awesome or cool. For example, “That skateboard trick was sick!”

15. Gonna

– Short for “going to.”

16. Chillin’

– Relaxing or hanging out. For example, “I’m just chillin’ at home tonight.”

17. Dope

– Cool or excellent. For example, “Those new shoes are so dope.”

18. Aight

– Short for “alright.” Used to express agreement or acknowledgement.

19. Lit AF

– An even stronger emphasis on “lit.” AF stands for “as f***” and is commonly used among younger generations.

20. Fierce

– Intense or strong. For example, “Her dance moves are so fierce!”

21. Fo’ sho’

– Short for “for sure.” Used to express agreement or certainty.

22. I’m down

– I’m willing to participate. For example, “Are you down to go to the concert tonight?”

23. Hundo P

– One hundred percent. Used to express certainty or agreement.

24. Woke

– Aware and informed about societal issues. Used to describe someone who is politically and socially conscious.

25. Highkey

– The opposite of lowkey. Used when someone is being vocal or obvious about something. For example, “Highkey, I’m really excited for this party.”

26. Lowkey

– Discreet or subtle. Used when someone is being quiet or secretive about something. For example, “I’m lowkey nervous about the exam tomorrow.”

So whether you’re trying to impress your American friends or just want to better understand American pop culture, these 26 must-know American slang words and phrases are essential for any English language learner.

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